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Welcome to Torresdale Pediatrics, a leader in the care of children in northeast Philadelphia and the Bucks County area.

Torresdale Pediatrics offers patients and their families access to the finest health care through consultation with our physicians.  With our many years of experience, and the latest health information technology, we strive to keep patients on track with any and all of their other primary preventive health care needs.

We believe in and closely follow the guidelines set forth by our certifying organization, The American Academy of Pediatrics [AAP].  We help families evaluate the benefits and the risks of all interventions in order to help do what is best for their children.  We are open to considering different approaches to care, but our main priority is to work to protect children with the best care that science has to offer.

See what our Torresdale Pediatrics families have to say about us...

"When my child is sick they make appointments right away."

June 2023

"The staff is always so welcoming and sweet. The NPs and Drs are fantastic. I also love the art on the walls and how big this office is. am always promptly called back or told to come in the same day."

June 2023

  • "The healthcare providers are efficient with scheduling (conflicts, emergencies, etc.). Providers and supporting staff are personable and knowledgeable, and it’s next to the pharmacy (convenience)"

June 2023

The wait times have improved a lot. I remember once waiting in an exam room for an hour. Now it is not a long wait."

June 2023

  • " I LOVE the attitude of everyone there, from the receptionists to the Doctors. Everyone is so friendly and you can tell that they all do really care about my son. I've recommended this office to all of my friends that have children. I've called and had what I felt were sometimes silly concerns and I am still taken seriously. It means so much to me that any concern is taken seriously

June 2023

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